Interregional cooperation
and global integration

Barcelona 2022

Barcelona 2021 - Foro Europa-Cuba | Jean Monnet Network





 The Europe-Cuba Forum is a Jean Monnet Network, financed by the European Commission. It comprises 11 leading institutions (CIDOB, GIGA, IHEAL, Albert Hirschman Center on Democracy, the Universities of Alicante, Salamanca and Warsaw, the Autonomous University in Madrid (UAM), the Complutense University in Madrid and two Cuban institutions (CIPI and University of Havana). A prominent goal of the project is to involve young researchers from both sides of the Atlantic in the research network

 With this purpose, the Coordinators of Working Package 3 “The international context of EU-Cuban Relaciones), Susanne Gratius (UAM, Madrid) y Raynier Pellón (CIPI, Havana) invites early career scholars to present their research (max. 15 pages or 7.000 words) in English or Spanish. The papers should address the following issues:

1. The EU and Cuba: common challenges and opportunities for global governance (pandemics like Covid 19 or natural disasters, climate change and sustainable development, poverty reduction, migration and refugee, etc. )

2. Bilateral Relations (economic, social, cultural, political, development cooperation) between EU member States and Cuba: Germany, France, Poland, Spain, the UK or other European countries.

We kindly ask you to send a one-page summary of your proposal by 1 December 2020 to or, If your proposal has been selected, you should send the final article (max. 7000 words) by Monday, 1 February 2021 to o a The best junior researcher paper will receive an award of EUR 300.

If the effects of COVID19 do not prevent it, the Europe-Cuba Forum will invite selected authors to the Barcelona conference in 2021 and provide support with travel and accommodation costs for 4 participants based in Europe (max. 600 EUR per person). The selection of recipients will be made according to academic excellence and will be adjusted to the theme of the conference.

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