Cuba in the international context: Economic transformations and sustainable development - Foro Europa-Cuba | Jean Monnet Network

Cuba in the international context: Economic transformations and sustainable development


On February 20th, the first seminar in the framework of the Jean Monnet Europe-Cuba Forum Network took place at the University of Havana. This initiative, financed by the European Union and formed of a consortium of 11 institutions, aims to analyse the processes of economic, political, social and institutional reform taking place on the island, as well as to provide impetus to the new stage of constructive engagement in relations between Cuba and the European Union following the signing of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (PDCA).

Experts and academics from centres in Europe and Cuba analysed some of the central issues that pose challenges to the Cuban economy and its relationship with the international and European context. Discussion at the event touched on the foundations for macroeconomic stability and economic growth, productive change and the competitiveness of the Cuban economy, the future of some strategic sectors and Cuba's international relations framework.

During the seminar, selected papers were presented as part of the call for young researchers jointly promoted by CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs), the University of Havana and the Complutense University of Madrid. The objective of this contest was to encourage the creation of a group of academics interested in studying relations between Cuba and the European Union.

This seminar, which focused on economic reforms and sustainable development, was the first of three planned within the framework of the Europe-Cuba Forum. In 2020 and 2021, Hamburg and Barcelona will host two more seminars examining institutional reform and social policies, and interregional cooperation and global integration, respectively.