10th CEISAL Congress 2022   in HELSINKI, 13-15 June  - Foro Europa-Cuba | Jean Monnet Network

10th CEISAL Congress 2022 in HELSINKI, 13-15 June


Photo: Anna Ayuso, Bert Hoffmann and Katarzyna Dembicz during the CEISAL 2022 Congress in Helsinki

Various members of the Forum Europe Cuba Jean Monnet Network participated in the CEISAL 2022 Congress that took place from 13 to 15 June 2022 in Helsinki with the topic "Uncertain trajectories: Latin America after globalisation". The tenth edition of the three-day CEISAL (European Council for Social Research in Latin America) International Congress brought together academics and experts from all over the world to share reflections on the future of Latin America. The Europe Cuba Forum contributed to this exchange with the Panel "A Changing Cuba in a Changing World". Three Forum researchers took part: Anna Ayuso, who spoke about Cuba's insertion model in Latin America and the Caribbean; Katarzyna Dembicz who focused her presentation on the revolution as an inherent aspect of Cuban society; and Bert Hoffmann who presented the implications of Cuba's COVID vaccines on its international insertion.